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Why do “Baby Botox”?

Why do “Baby Botox”?

We are so glad you asked! Do we have to start treating wrinkles as babies in order to stay looking young? Thankfully NO! However, if looking young forever sounds like a good idea then Baby Botox is a great way to deter wrinkle formation. This current beauty trend is a natural ageless face that doesn’t appear frozen or doll like. Now, clients are opting to use small doses of botox to maintain expression. After all, when you want to scold your dog or kids, it’s quite confusing if you are yelling while lacking an expression of disappointment! No wonder no one has responded appropriately to your complaints lately!

Areas between the brows and around the eyes tend to be where people begin to see the start of wrinkles. Using small amounts of Botox at these spots reduces or eliminates those early signs of aging before developing permanent wrinkles. This preventative level of injection is gaining popularity and is referred to as prejuvenation. Stop the wrinkles before those marks start or deepen.

For example, I recently had a client who was given 30+ units of botox in just her forehead. Did her skin look smooth…yes, but frozen and unnatural. Eventually, the paralysis wore off. Our office placed 23 units of Botox over a larger area, maintaining movement and expression. Her future ageless beauty regimen will be Botox, regular Hydrafacial treatments, good skin care products and yearly laser treatment as needed.

In addition to maintaining her facial expression, this client will now be unlikely to develop a downward movement of her eyebrows, known as “brow ptosis”. Brow ptosis is a permanent drooping of the brow from chronically placing high doses of Botox in the forehead that causes muscle loss.

What if you are older and wiser so more botox units are required to smooth wrinkles? This is where multimodal treatment is even more important, using several ways to restore youth. All muscles decrease with age. The facial muscles are no exception. After all this part of the reason the face begins to show signs of aging in the first place. The aging process is a loss of fat, muscle and bone structure. This brings the eyebrows down even without overly large Botox treatments. Think combination treatments for the best, long term wrinkle improvement and prevention. Use Botox to smooth wrinkles, filler to take the place of lost collagen and fat, and IPL / lasers to increase the collagen and improve skin tone. Over time, combination treatments are the secret to staying natural and ageless.

Aesthetic beauty is not a one size fits all program. A combination treatment of injectables, IPL, laser treatments, nutrition, lifestyle and skin products can be used to maintain ageless beauty, but the combination needs to be individualized. A personalized anti aging program that preserves your beauty on a daily basis, along slowing aging in the long term provides the most comprehensive results.


Dr. Andrea Tse is a board certified physician who focuses on the total person.

She offers the finest anti-aging laser treatments by Sciton, proven to provide anti-aging benefits at the skin's deepest levels. Dr. Tse also performs several non-surgical procedures to tighten, brighten, and make the skin look like it did years ago. Her specialized aesthetic training as well as her artistry combine to assure the most beautiful results.

Dr. Tse is also a passionate proponent of physician-grade supplementation to restore the body and, simply stated, make life better.

She provides her patients even more—a compassionate ear and a true partnership. Her patients know they are both cared for and cared about.