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Muscle-Relaxing Injectables: Let’s Talk

Muscle-Relaxing Injectables: Let’s Talk

Botox? For those who have had appropriately dosed injections, it can work miracles within a few days. For those considering it, however, there is a modicum of fear.   I think we’ve all seen examples of overdone Botox and/or med spa procedures not being applied properly. These are the patients I must take by the hand and explain how measured I am about using/doing them.

Since Botox injectables were first approved by the FDA in 2002, they have become a household word for relaxing wrinkles; a brand name virtually interchangeable with the category itself. Here in the U.S., the most common cosmetic procedure is a form of botulinum toxin type A which, injected in small doses into the underlying muscles of the face, paralyzes the muscular function responsible for wrinkles to create smooth, furrow-free skin.

While there are newer competitors on the market, Allergan’s Botox remains the gold standard —  safe, effective, and proven. One of those competitors is Jeuveau,  green-lighted by the FDA. It’s the first new neurotoxin approved for aesthetic usage in nearly a decade. Despite being structurally identical to the others, Jeuveau can be sold at a slightly lower price point and is poised to give its competitors a run for their money.  Jeuveau  provides a soft relaxation effect to the muscles.  This smooths wrinkles while allowing more natural movements during facial expressions — a great choice for my clients who wish to keep their beauty treatments a secret.

Allergan Botox is FDA approved for your “11” (glabellar) lines — those vertical lines between your eyebrows. It’s also great for forehead lines, muscle spasticity, and migraine headaches.  Jeuveau is FDA approved for 11 lines lines only.    Both brands are used “off-label” (non FDA approved), however.  Common off-label uses for Botox include neck lines, lip lines, teeth grinding, and more.  Off-label uses are when Allergan becomes my go-to Botox brand.  With more than 100 million vials sold, the safety profile and efficacy is unrivaled by any other Botox brand.  Allergan diffusion is more reliable and predictable, making it ideal for small muscles.  Many patients believe Allergan Botox is longer lasting as well.  This varies from person to person, so the goal of each client’s treatment needs to be determined.

Botox and Jeuveau are produced by different facilities but are derived from different strains of the same toxin. The risks and potential side effects listed by the companies are also identical. I use both regularly, sometimes at the same time on the same patient.  But I won’t use either until we discuss what works for you. So let’s talk — and happy holidays!

~ Dr. Andrea Tse


Dr. Andrea Tse is a board certified physician who focuses on the total person.

She offers the finest anti-aging laser treatments by Sciton, proven to provide anti-aging benefits at the skin's deepest levels. Dr. Tse also performs several non-surgical procedures to tighten, brighten, and make the skin look like it did years ago. Her specialized aesthetic training as well as her artistry combine to assure the most beautiful results.

Dr. Tse is also a passionate proponent of physician-grade supplementation to restore the body and, simply stated, make life better.

She provides her patients even more—a compassionate ear and a true partnership. Her patients know they are both cared for and cared about.