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IV Infusions: A Fad or a True Boost to Your Everyday Health?

IV Infusions: A Fad or a True Boost to Your Everyday Health?

For the past 25 years or so, intravenous (IV) infusion therapy options have become wildly popular. IV therapies are used for everything from anti-aging to hangovers to jet lag. IV therapies have gone mainstream, as noted with Hollywood celebrities like Rihanna, Madonna, and many more. So is this a real thing?  Does medical evidence support this trend?  Most importantly, is this safe? 

As we all know, everything is changing during this pandemic.  As COVID has taken away our sense of safety, we take stock of our everyday health. Just how immune are we?  Thing is, most of us tend to take our health for granted until suddenly it has been compromised. When we’re down for the count, however, it’s not the most ideal time to take action.  My hope is that most people will see COVID as a kind of wake-up call — a universal message telling us that staying healthy is a must.  In fact, staying as healthy as possible is the only current weapon we have to fight the COVID illness.  

Staying healthy and aging well has never been easier.  Certainly Madonna was an early adopter of healthy aging and self care.  Her image today is a result of the self-care commitments in her younger years.  For the younger generations, self-care is an essential part of their lives, botoxing at the sign of the smallest eye wrinkle.  The key is to know which treatments appropriately fit into your expectations, goals and lifestyle.

How many of us are actually aware of which vitamins our bodies lack?  We tend to eat the wrong foods and unknowingly create a  vitamin deficiency for our bodies.  Modern living and commercial farming practices make intake of adequate vitamins a challenge for the everyday person. This has been recognized by the National Institute of Health and the World Health Organization, among other health organizations, for decades.  When you Google “vitamin deficiencies,” you’ll browse the numerous pages of medical articles that discuss this. Even more interesting?  Google “vitamin D blindness in the UK” and discover how otherwise healthy teenagers are losing eyesight due to lack of vitamin D.  Vitamin deficiencies are a real problem. 

The benefits of iv infusions include boosting energy, supporting the immune system, glowing skin, boosting the metabolism and recovery from fatigue. Unlike pills,  IV infusions bypass the gut and are 100% absorbed.  So if taking vitamin supplements by mouth is not for you, IV infusions are a great option. We have started offering infusion therapy to our clients who do not like taking vitamin supplements every day.  Several of the clients have voiced that getting an infusion is instant gratification, helping them feel both rejuvenated and energized.   

So the next time you are at a physician’s appointment, ask to have lab work for B6, B12, and Vitamin D.  Don’t leave your health up to chance.  Take the opportunity to thrive, as opposed to survive, the hectic schedules we all have.  For now, time is on our side.  It’s a good opportunity to make changes and priorities for your health. And if you’d like more information about the IV drips we offer, please get in touch! 

~ Dr. Andrea Tse


Dr. Andrea Tse is a board certified physician who focuses on the total person.

She offers the finest anti-aging laser treatments by Sciton, proven to provide anti-aging benefits at the skin's deepest levels. Dr. Tse also performs several non-surgical procedures to tighten, brighten, and make the skin look like it did years ago. Her specialized aesthetic training as well as her artistry combine to assure the most beautiful results.

Dr. Tse is also a passionate proponent of physician-grade supplementation to restore the body and, simply stated, make life better.

She provides her patients even more—a compassionate ear and a true partnership. Her patients know they are both cared for and cared about.