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Helping you look your best at any age

Helping you look your best at any age

What’s your reason for seeking help from a med spa doctor like myself? Whether it’s preserving or improving already good skin, treating you for laugh lines or lines around your mouth, adding dermal fillers or freezing a muscle that causes a deep furrow to persist, I am here for all of it. But what about middle-aged to older women who come to me with concerns about the toll gravity has taken on their faces? You may ask what I can do about wrinkles that go deep or skin that hangs loose.

My first line of questioning is always about what my patients hope to achieve. Is it in their eventual plans to have a face lift when they are older? Some say yes, but they still want to make their skin as youthful as possible in the meantime.  Others say no — they prefer not to go “under the knife” because they fear the outcome will make them look like someone else. Both are understandable beliefs and options.

Thing is, you are probably staring every day at people who have had cosmetic surgery and you would never know it. One of my clients’ eyelids have been naturally slightly hooded all her life, but now that she is in her 60s, those lids have gotten heavier, blocking some of her peripheral vision. So soon she will be getting some diagnostics done to determine if she is a candidate for an insurance-paid blepharoplasty (an eye lift). And she has no fear about having it done, since she is researching surgeons who routinely do it, studying their results. Her goal is to find a surgeon that will merely remove some of her eyelid skin but not raise the brows, making her look rested.

For those patients whose wrinkles are particularly bothersome but prefer not to have surgery, I offer a combination of treatments to soften their lines and firm up their skin. What works with some skin does not work for others, so it’s a fact-finding mission at first for both myself and my patient.  Some may respond to skin care and physician grade peels and others may be better off with laser treatments. In either case, the results are rewarding, because in the end it’s about looking the best you can look for your age, whatever that age may be. 


Dr. Andrea Tse is a board certified physician who focuses on the total person.

She offers the finest anti-aging laser treatments by Sciton, proven to provide anti-aging benefits at the skin's deepest levels. Dr. Tse also performs several non-surgical procedures to tighten, brighten, and make the skin look like it did years ago. Her specialized aesthetic training as well as her artistry combine to assure the most beautiful results.

Dr. Tse is also a passionate proponent of physician-grade supplementation to restore the body and, simply stated, make life better.

She provides her patients even more—a compassionate ear and a true partnership. Her patients know they are both cared for and cared about.